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2018 Special Collections

2018 Special Collections

Our parish’s Share Sunday collection supports the work done by our Social Concerns committee, our parish’s outreach to the needy in our midst.

Jan 1—Mary, Mother of God

Jan 7—Share Sunday

Jan 28—Church in Latin America

Feb 4—Share Sunday

Feb 14—Ash Wednesday

Feb 14—Church in Central and Eastern Europe

Feb 18—Black & Indian Missions

Mar 4—Share Sunday

Mar 11—Catholic Relief Services

Mar 30—Holy Land

Apr 1—Priest Welfare & Retirement

Apr 8—Share Sunday

Apr 29—Catholic Home Missions

May 6—Share Sunday

May 13—Catholic Communication Campaign

Jun 3—Share Sunday

Jul 1—Peter's Pence

Jul 8—Share Sunday

Aug 5—Share Sunday

Aug 15—Assumption

Sep 2—Share Sunday

Sep 16—Catholic University of America

Oct 7—Share Sunday

Oct 21—World Mission Sunday

Nov 1—All Saints Day

Nov 2—All Souls Day

Nov 4—Share Sunday

Dec 2—Share Sunday

Dec 8—Immaculate Conception

Dec 16—Retirement Fund for Religious

Dec 25—Christmas