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Catechists for Faith Formation

Catechists for Faith Formation

Volunteer Catechists are the best people!

A page to help you to stay informed with Allison and Marie's programing.


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We have moved the date because of the possible tropical storm Michael. Safe Environment Training, Recognizing Child Abuse for Volunteers who work with Children in the Catholic Church is now Tuesday, October 16, 7 pm - 9:30. This class is in English in the St Mary faith formation building. Catechists need to renew training every 5 years.

Safe Environment Training en Español, Reconociendo el Abuso Ninos para los voluntarios, is December 16, 2 pm -4:30 pm. Catechist need this training every 5 years. This class is in the St Mary faith formation building.

Classes begin for the September 9 and 10, 2018. Winter break is December 9 through January 20 and 21. Classes resume January 27 and 28. The last classes for 2018-19 are May 5 and 6, 2019. Thanksgiving and Easter weeks have the weekend before and the weekend of the holiday off. There are 24 classes on the calendar.

All of our catechists who teach the children and teens are volunteers. 

Catechists teach in teams of 2 to 4 adults and 2 high school assistants. We have small class sizes. We provide textbooks with good lesson plans and other resources. There are always 2 catechists in a classroom.

You should be a confirmed Catholic in good standing to share the faith of the Church. 

Catechists are required by the diocese to have a background check run by St. Mary, Garner church. There is no cost to the catechists for the background check. Catechists are also required by the diocese to attend a recognizing child abuse training class named Safe Environment Training. We offer the training here. Catechists renew Safe Environment Training every 5 years.

Catechists and Substitutes pay a reduced class fee for their own children. 

We provide Catechist Toolbox training for beginning catechists about planning lessons.

For returning catechists, we offer adult faith courses called Doorways. Doorways is a diocesan program of adult faith formation.

We need a bi-lingual catechists who can teach about the Spanish Misa and Spanish prayers in every class. 75% of our current students attend the Spanish Mass. We teach mostly in English because very few of the students read in Spanish. Yet, it is important that we reinforce participating in the Mass and family prayers in the language of the parents and grandparents.

Check your email regularly for information from Allison and Marie.