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Father David's Homilies

Father David's Homilies

Homily 01/05/2020 The Epiphany

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

Epiphany 2020

There are so many wonderful details in the Epiphany story: the call of the Gentiles, their enthusiastic response, the significance of the star they seek, the gifts they bring, the dramatic interaction with Herod, and their ultimate rejection of Herod in favor of Christ.

In this meditation ... Read More »

Homily 01/01/2020 - Mary Mother of God

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

Solemnity of the Mother of God-2020

Today, we are beginning a new year and Christian hope takes us by the hand and we are inspired by the blessing of the first reading from Numbers; let us begin the new year by invoking divine Blessings upon this year and imploring, through ... Read More »

Homily 12/29/2019 - The Holy Family

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

Solemnity of the Holy Family ‘19 

It is not difficult to demonstrate that most of our modern problems center around struggles and misunderstandings regarding marriage, sexuality, and the family. Collectively as a nation and a culture, we have departed significantly from the teachings of God and common sense, when it comes to ... Read More »

Homily 12/25/2019 - Solemnity of the Nativity (Christmas)

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

Solemnity of the Nativity 2019

Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy. — LUKE 2: 10.

There is hardly any one who lives where this feast of Christmas is celebrated who does not feel a special joy in it. Why do we say that” Christmas comes but once ... Read More »

Homily 12/01/2019

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

1st Sunday in Advent 2019

“Wake from sleep.” (Rom 13:11) These are the words of St. Paul to the Romans in our second reading today (Rom 13:11-14). These words are also good for all of us to hear as we begin Advent. From what sleep are we to awake? ... Read More »

Homily 12/08/2019

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

2nd Sunday of Advent-2019

The Second Sunday of Advent usually features the Ministry of St. John the Baptist. He was the Prophet who fulfilled the Office of Elijah of whom it was said: See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the ... Read More »

Homily 11/24/2019

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

Solemnity Christ the King 2019

Jesus Christ is King of Thieves, though He never stole. He is savior of sinners, though He never sinned.

Today’s Gospel presents Jesus as reigning from the cross. Nothing could be more paradoxical. The Gospel presents a vision or image of the Church. We ... Read More »

Homily 11/17/2019

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

33rd Sunday of the Year 2019

In today’s Gospel, the Lord Jesus gives us a kind of road map of life and calls us to be sober about the passing and perilous nature of this world.

There is an historical context in which our Lord speaks. There were political rumblings ... Read More »

Homily 10/6/2019

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

27th Sunday of the Year 2019

The readings for today’s Mass richly describe some essential qualities of faith.

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.” They want more faith.  In effect, they ask for a deeper desire to know the Lord. Too often we miss a step ... Read More »

Homily 9/29/2019

Posted by Rev. David Chiantella

26th Sunday of the Year 2019

In the Gospel for today about the rich man and Lazarus the Lord gives us some important teachings on judgment and on hell. Now it is a fact that we live in times where many consider the teaching on Hell to be untenable. ... Read More »